Strategic Advisor providing CCIO Leadership and Consultancy Services to a range of Industry and Healthcare Organisations.

Clinical Advisor InHealth Reporting June 2020 (ongoing)

Subject Matter Expertise: Tektology Group June 2020 (ongoing)

Medical Advisor: Wellbeing Software Solutions June 2017 – Dec 2018



PACS Lead for Royal Bolton NHS Foundation Trust: Feb 2015 – Mar 2020

Associate Chief Clinical Informatics Officer RBH: April 2015 (ongoing)

Clinical Technical Lead for Greater Manchester Collaborative Imaging Project (ongoing)

Chair of the Greater Manchester Technical Workstream (ongoing)

Informatics Lead for UKRCO : Sept 2017 – 2019

Vice President Industry Liaison for UKIO: Sept 2019 (ongoing)

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Clinical Lead SMR Community Ultrasound Service Oct 2008 – Dec 2013

Consultant-Radiologist provided NHS Ultrasound service provided in the community based at Wilmslow Health Centre in evenings and weekend to make it convenient and accessible for patients. Referrals came from as far-afield as Stoke and Liverpool. Service offered appointments within 48 hours and same day results.

Mediocolegal Report Writing since 2014

Member of the FEW

Lead Chest Radiologist 2007 – 2011 (relinquished role when I became Clinical Lead although I maintain a subspecialist interest)

Clinical Lead for Radiology at the invitation of the Medical and Divisional Directors Nov 2011 – Feb 2015

Divisional Lead for Governance at the invitation of Head of Division and Divisional Director of Operations following my tenure as Clinical Lead: Feb 2015 – Mar 2020

Divisional Medical Director at the invitation of Trust Medical Director and Divisional Director of Operations to provide strategic steer during the COVID pandemic Mar 2020 (ongoing)


General Medical Council (since 1998)

Royal College of Radiologists (since 2001)

British Medical Association (since 1998)

Medical & Dental Defence Union of Scotland

Society of Thoracic Radiology (Senior Member since 2007)

British Society of Thoracic Imaging (Member since 2008)

The Faculty of Expert Witnesses for Doctors [the FEW] (Member since 2015)